Tacón de Marlin had its unlikely beginnings as a hot dog and marlin burgers stand next to the legendary Hotel Rosita in downtown Puerto Vallarta, tended by its owner Mr. Alejandro Garcia and family. Even from the early days the company’s offer was of a quality and unique in its kind, offering, for example, hot dogs with devil ham tips.

The demand for these products became such that, on a historic day, they ran out of hamburger bread way before closing time; Mr. Alejandro, always striving to satisfy his clients’ hunger, went out in search for more bread, he visited numerous stores in the zone without any luck. It was then that, nearby the old Munguía Bakery, a person was forming a mega tower of flour tortillas, the worker commented that it was an order for a foreign client but agreed to sell some to Mr. Alejandro who quickly returned to his position and began to devise the way to sell his products by adding these tortillas to the equation.

Using the knowledge acquired during his time working in a butcher shop, Mr. Alejandro wrapped the marlin stew with the same technique with which they packed the meat in newspaper, this gave rise to the first version of the burrito that we all know and love.

The acceptance of this new product was such that days after, a friend hired Mr. Alejandro to serve 600 people at an event at the La Ballena Restaurant Bar; even though he new they did not have the manpower or instruments for this task, Mr. Alejando accepted the challenge and served 600 burritas in a period of 3 hours, it goes without saying that the event was a success. The attendees enjoyed the dish so much that most came asking to him where they could have of these burritos on later days. After this day customers began visiting the stand in such quantities that the location had to be moved to a bigger place in front of the Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport. This was how the first branch of the Tacón de Marlin was officially born, which is still in operation to this date.

30 years later, Tacón de Marlin continues to offer the original seafood burritos in its 4 branches in Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara, time during which they have perfected the recipe of one of the most representative dishes in the city.

Loved by nationals and foreigners alike, Tacón de Marlin is a must stop for any good eating lover who is lucky enough to be near one of their branches.